Elie Chansa,
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Friends, I trust it is well at your end. I have a feeling we need to remind each other about building your social profile.

Social networks are essential in our lives, in todays' world. Be it for recreation or setting up your portfolio, you need to have one established up and running. I once have been on Facebook and had to quit (saw no significance). But later on had to make a return in line with my work duties. it was more than necessary.

Be it Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Skype, Flickr, Google+ and the likes, one is somehow present in these arenas.

But as we sign up and skip reading the terms of reference, there is more than we could expect that defines us. Each one of us is free to post whatsoever we are pleased with, as long as we are exercising our freedom of speech. As we are done with college and up in the streets knocking doors with brown envelopes, we forget to shape our social profile.

For example, as an investigative journalist, I have to maintain a low profile on what I post and how i appear online to avoid suspicion when attempting to uncover something. Because it is easy for someone to perform a quick search online on you just behind the desk, as you introduce yourself. That is why you have at some point to "google" yourself and see what is up.

As an aspiring leader, you have to make sure you post sensible materials on your walls. People are always following, and sometimes later, all the memories will be made public as you are vying for that important post. In short, you are speaking for the future right now. You will be haunted by your own words.

There is this funny story of a young man who had pride after receiving his wage, he then decided to post on Facebook - and apparently, the landlord liked the status. (the rent was due). Poor boy had to pay even though with sad eyes.

The same applies to what you are posting and then seeking for a job, internship or field opportunity. Quick background check happen most of the time. If your CV says you are a fan of books, then somehow your "second life" might be showing as well. If you deem yourself as someone on the CV, then people will try to match it with your electronic social life.

So, by perfuming a quick search and analysis on yourself online (according to what you post). What do you think people will deem you? An immature person who still need guidance? Or a stable person able to lead the community.

As we witness small business blooming through the use of social media, there still are some whose fall are based on the same.

There are some cases where people lost their jobs for posting 'weird', or let me call them stupid posts on Facebook. A price well paid; some cases are as follows.

“I threw my boot at him, Jerry Springer style, and nailed him in the face. It broke his glasses and cut his face and bruised it up real good!”  This is a post from a cop, whom later got fired for misconduct.

"After today, I am thinking the beach sounds like a wonderful idea for my 5thgraders! I HATE THEIR GUTS!" A teacher that wanted to drown the kids, and would not throw a life jacket to them. You know what was next.

"LBG's new CEO gets £4,000 an hour. I get £7. That's fair," This is a banker who later got a farewell check after posting his boss' salary online.

“If you want to conquer an African nation, send white women and pot.” This is from a really incompetent Radio talk show host. He never saw the entry door again.

Some other stupid kid went further and called his boss lazy for not covering his shift. He was commended for a permanent hike out of the office.

If all the above few mentioned lost their jobs, how about for a job seeker? No wonder unemployment rate is shooting up.

Remember, your language identifies you. If you speak trash, then trash is needed in the garbage. if you speak hope and peace, then you are a haven to someone. You choose to become what you want, you live to be it. And just as someone said, "clothes make a man…" And so I say your tongue holds your fate, and your fingers drive you to it. choose your words and posts carefully, they might cost you.

Elie is the Editor in Chief at Gospel Kitaa, and a motivational speaker.
He likes humour, photography, peace making and of course eating. :D
You can contact him through

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